Booking an event in Singapore? Here’s how.

COVID-19 has definitely come with its share of restrictions. Singapore has managed to keep COVID-19 cases low and healthcare resources well-managed by imposing these guidelines. Full safe management measurements (SMMs) are elaborated upon on the Singapore Tourist Board website. Generally, you can hold conferences of up to 1,000 pax as long as the attendees are fully vaccinated, delineated into smaller zones of 100 pax each, and will remain largely seated throughout the event. If your event requires more intermingling and networking, the event size is limited to 500 pax.

All this is to say that it’s actually pretty easy to host an amazing event in Singapore. In fact, the DMC Collective team can help you to navigate the COVID-19 SMMs and take care of the details for you.

Hassle-free, well-regulated and rich with culture and fun – you’ll definitely want to keep Singapore in your list of go-tos!

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