Thinking of returning to events?
3 must-know facts for event success!

March 29, 2022

We’re now officially in the second half of 2021 and it’s never been clearer that returning to events means learning to live with COVID, not outwait its end. Understandably, returning to events safely and in an entirely new environment is intimidating. Events companies are looking for new ways to surf the wave of the pandemic and continue putting on fabulous events without unforeseen problems which might derail their success. Keep reading for the DMC Collective’s (The DMC) top three tips for returning to events safely and successfully.


1. Think about the venue

Even those with the most thorough event expertise have been challenged by this pandemic. As the world learns to adapt to COVID, the MICE industry is beginning to do the same with innovative events that don’t compromise on safety or impact. The DMC is thrilled to be helping clients get back in the saddle with provisional live events planned across America – from Miami to New York to Phoenix (and many more in the pipeline). When sourcing event venues in the time of COVID, taking into consideration union venue costs is more important than ever. 

Event organisers have always been savvy to the fees associated with union labour, but it’s important to be aware of how circumstances have changed throughout COVID. Following the long period of stagnation during the height of COVID, many venues are now opting to provide more union labour than might have been typical prior to the pandemic to help make up for a period of inactivity. This is one example of how the pandemic has impacted costs in new ways that many organisers aren’t used to. Plus, with the new introduction of hybrid events and streaming, it’s important to remember that you may still be charged for union staff present at live streams, even if they aren’t working in the typical capacity of an in-person event. To avoid unforeseen financial issues, event organisers should seek production costs when sourcing venues to get a more accurate overall budget estimate. Plus, don’t forget to speak to the local Union Business Rep via IATSE if you have any concerns.

2. Plan ahead & be strategic 

Planning ahead can feel like a challenge with the temperamental nature of COVID and changes in restrictions and rules, yet with vaccine rollouts underway, and countries across the globe learning to adapt, now is the time to bite the bullet and embark on a return to live and hybrid events. Planning means considering how to adapt social distancing measures and increased hygiene services into your old event model, ensuring that safety measures don’t sacrifice connection and networking opportunities for attendees, and also working with agile, flexible suppliers who can navigate around any potential disruptions which might crop up. 

The location has always been incredibly important to events, but now that’s more true than ever. Sourcing a venue in this economy can be a challenge and, especially when you consider some of the issues listed in the point above, more time consuming than organisers are used to. That’s why it’s essential that you learn to work with new timelines. Before COVID, sourcing a venue may have taken 4-6 weeks – in the pandemic era, that timeframe may well be more like three months. Planning ahead and adapting your previous timelines to the COVID world is one way of ensuring that your events run smoothly without avoidable complications.

3. Work with experts  

Going in blind after such a moment of upheaval and change is no small task. One way to cut out the middleman is to identify industry experts who can remove the risk and take off the training wheels so that your path to live events is seamless and productive. Budgets are tight at the moment, but working with the people who know best can provide a spectacular return on investment by enabling you to avoid errors and maximise the actual outcome of your events. At The DMC, we like to think of ourselves as marriage brokers – you run amazing events and want a great venue, and great venues want to host amazing events. We help bring both parties together – it’s a win-win!

Want help navigating in a post-COVID world? The DMC Collective is here to help! Whether you need help sourcing a venue, telling your story, or identifying the best location for you, The DMC’s expertise can help make your return to events your biggest success to date.

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