Four reasons why events help
startups grow

March 29, 2022

Running a startup is no mean feat. When first getting set up, it can mean juggling multiple roles, chasing investment all while trying to attract business and secure growth. In such an environment, events may well seem like a luxury – not something to put at the top of your to-do list. Yet, events actually offer an unparalleled opportunity for growth, reputation building and even room for scouting talent. Keep reading to find out four reasons events help startups grow.

1. You can find potential partners 

Finding partners and investors during the beginning stages of your startup journey is incredibly important. It is the support of respected individuals and organisations which can take a startup from the early stages of business into a serious standing within their chosen industry or field. By running an event, you not only build trust, you also provide the perfect opportunity to invite and connect with those within your industry, and meet them face to face. Something which can, ultimately, help you to identify and establish relationships with future business partners. It’s hardly surprising, then, that 85% of leadership (Senior Managers, Executives, and Board Members) believe in-person events are essential to their company’s success.

2. Build brand trust

Brand trust is always a challenge when first starting out as a business. Your target audience don’t know who you are yet, and when it comes to proving that you’re a real and trustworthy company – running an event provides a perfect solution. Research shows that 87% of consumers cite their experience with a product as a reason for trusting a band, so providing incentives and instilling trust prior to this point is integral to the selling your product or service. When delegates see that your brand is hosting a serious event with connections and support from other businesses they trust, they can be come familiar with your product or service in-person, and therefore much more likely to return to you in the future.

3.  Recruit talent 

Events aren’t just about your brand and product, they’re also about people. Finding talented employees is a great way to grow as a startup, and hosting an event is a brilliant way to connect with the best and brightest in your industry. With plenty of chances to network and share ideas, finding young talent who might be interested in working with you is much easier when you can meet numerous people in one day, with the space and time to tactfully talk about what you do. In fact, 85% of positions are filled through networking. That’s because good recruitment is about more than just CVs and cover letters, it’s also about connecting with individuals who meet your startups’ needs – not only in experience, but also in personality.

4.  Expand your network 

Networking is always an important part of business, but never is this more true than when you’re first starting out. They say that it’s not what you know, but who you know – and while this might not be entirely true – knowing the right people certainly doesn’t hurt. Of course, you can attend networking events without having to run your own, but by putting on your own event you can curate the guestlist and attract the sponsors and organisations who most precisely fit your company’s needs. Plus, networking doesn’t only begin in person. Putting on an event in the first place is a great soft-touch excuse to connect with all those companies and investors you’ve been dying to introduce yourself to. 


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